French things you should check out

Katie Keith

In honor of French Week, we give you a list of French things you should check out.


Si vous aimez le français, cet article est pour vous.

Even if you don’t know French, listen to these anyway. After all, why not add a bit of foreign spice to your playlists? These 10 songs are things I’ve listened to in my years of French classes, and listening to music can really improve your French vocabulary arsenal. French songs have a touch of modern slang, idioms, expressions and new words, which can up your game if you’re trying to learn. So go ahead, plug in your earphones and give these few a try:

“Chuis Bo” by PZK

“I’m pretty, I-I-I’m pretty.” Ever heard a French guy harp on how lovely he is? The music video for this song paints an image that is worth worth a million words.

“Comme des enfants” by Coeur de Pirate

Coeur de Pirate has some cool songs, but this one features romance at its finest. If you’re into softer songs, go for this one.

“Dernière danse” by Indila

Awesome chorus, good voice, interesting concept. This song packs a punch and it’s pretty easy to sing along.

“Je suis un homme” by Zazie

Very easy to sing along to and has some good vocabulary if you’re into that. The song has a more down to earth quality as Zazie sings about some sadder topics.

“Je veux” by Zaz

This song is a classic; this is one of the first French songs I listened to, and it’s so catchy. That kazoo sound throughout the song is actually the singer. Watch the music video to see her do it.

“Le Café” by Odelaf

Ever been a bit crazy about coffee? Maybe a little… too crazy? Well you haven’t seen anything yet until you see this character go bananas. Catch the video for the full effect.

“Le Poussin Piou” by Pulcino Pio

This teaches you how to sing animal sounds in French in the most catchy and annoying way possible. If you want to bother all your friends and entertain yourself, sing it to them constantly.

“Papaoutai” by Stromae

A sadder song with an awesome beat, this song talks about absentee fathers, but the chorus is really neat and you can sing along.


French classes can be boring at times, with the constant grammar lessons and the speaking and listening, but there’s a way to spice things up: French movies

What’s better than learning a language and seeing culture all in one little package? Watching movies like this gives you a feel for how another country tackles movie-making, and it’s really interesting even if you don’t speak French.

“Les Choristes”

This touching movie is set in the French country at a boarding school for troubled boys. Monsieur Clement comes to the school and finds that things aren’t quite well as he observes principal Rachin’s actions toward the children. The boys aren’t treated properly so Clement creates a kinder policy in his classroom to advise the boys more gently through, you guessed it, music. He teaches the kids to sing, and through this cohesion, the boys learn how to behave. It’s a very sweet film and funny at that.

“Le Petit Nicolas”

Love comedies? Le Petit Nicolas is a popular children’s book character who goes on little adventures with his pals. Nicolas goes to school with a colorful set of other characters, with their quirks and tics, and together they get into trouble with their maîtresse and principal. However for this movie, it focuses on Nicolas’s family—the poor boy mistakenly believes that his mother is going to have another son! Anxious about having to deal with the presence of a new sibling, he’s worried that his parents want to get rid of him. The hijinks of the situation only get worse and worse as Nicolas’s friends prod him on, telling him how horrible it is. See how it all works out by watching this cute film.


This movie is based off the television series featuring this amazing actress. It stars an Arab girl named Aïcha, who travels to Paris with her family and has a bit of culture shock. She is faced with blatant racism and sexism from all sides but manages to make herself get through it. The crazy actions of her family and new friends give this movie a good bit of amusement and spice. If you like a bit of alternative culture in your movies, watch this one.