Marcus Engel speaks on overcoming adversity

Braley Garland

If you have ever wondered how your life can change in a second, then come out to listen to speaker Marcus Engel. He will be coming to Georgia Southern University’s campus on Monday, Oct.13 to speak for Disability Awareness Month.

Marcus Engel was an average college student when he was struck by a drunk driver and was permanently blinded. The event changed his life forever, however, he did not let this obstacle ruin his life.

He has since become a best-selling author and speaker. He travels around the country telling people his story about overcoming adversity and how, even through tragedy, you can pick up your life and move on.

“Beyond a typical alcohol awareness presentation, Marcus blends an unforgettable prevention message with significant amounts of humor, tips and insights for audiences to use to overcome adversity in their own lives,” Nicole Withers, the administrative coordinator for the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs Programs at GSU, said.

Marcus Engel has been through it all, and still finds a way to be on top. He was blinded as a freshman in college and had to go through two years of rehab and over 300 hours of facial reconstruction surgery. Through all of this, he was still able to finish not only his under graduate degree in sociology, but also a master’s degree in narrative medicine.

He has written many books and has spoken at not only colleges and universities but also to healthcare institutions and corporations. He is truly inspirational to not only those with disabilities, but also anyone who has to face any kind of adversity in their lives.

Throughout his speech he takes listeners on an in-depth look at the ins and outs of his life. From before the accident, through his recovery, to how he got to where he is today, he gives a good look at how his life was dramatically changed and how he was able to make a happy life. He has since become a best-selling author and speaker, traveling around the country telling people his story.

The event will take place Monday, Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. in the Nessmith-Lane Conference Center, Southern Ballroom.