News Briefs 10/16

Donna Jones

1. A second nurse contracted Ebola in Dallas, Texas while caring for an infected patient. The nurse travelled by jetliner to Ohio before the symptoms began to show and the nurse is now being isolated at a hospital. The Texas hospital and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are being criticized by the nurses for the poor handling of the disease.

2. Gas prices are dropping nationwide. So far there are 10 states with an average below three dollars per gallon. The nationwide average per gallon, $3.19, is predicted to drop below three dollars for the first time in four years.

3. Toyota has recalled 1.75 million vehicles due to safety reasons. Toyota is looking to fix a problem with the fuel pipes that can potentially increase the risk for a fire inside the vehicle, prevent vehicles from developing a gas leak and brake system problems.

4. Hurricane Gonzalo on the island of St. Martian became a category 3 storm on Tuesday. The storm’s wind reached 115 mph and forecasters are predicting that the storm will become a category 4. The storm is not a threat to the United States.

5. A man is being accused of ‘mopping aggressively’ in Bristol, Connecticut. Police arrested John Thornton after he reportedly aggressively mopped over a hotel employee’s shoes and threatened officers. Thornton is charged with breach of peace and threatening. Thornton was released on a $20,000 bond.