Doo Dah

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Meg Ellwood

Alright, from the title of the event, it kinda sounds like it’d be a bunch of people dressed up, dancing to songs from Disney’s Song of the South right? You know, that really old movie with a guy singing in the cartoon land of Br’er Rabbit?

Yeah. Think again.

This show is popular throughout campus, and to many students, and it’s considered by many to be one of the best events of Homecoming Week. The show is a floor-shaking hip-hop/rap, dance and step competition between student organizations.

These guys and gals go hard when it comes to competing. Every team choreographs their own performance, which is kept a secret from everyone so no one knows what to expect. If you can’t feel the intensity of these words describing the awesomeness of this event, take a minute to search “Georgia Southern Doo-Dah” on YouTube.

Kappa Delta and Phi Mu, two of the many sororities participating on the show, expressed their excitement.

“ Everyone’s involved by working as a team through some friendly competition, and I think it also gets everyone pumped for Homecoming.”Cassidy Alderfer, a member of Kappa Delta, said.

Ansley Ewing, a member of Phi Mu, explained how exciting it was to see her sorority sisters on stage.

“I also really like that its a chance for us to get closer to our other sisters, its great bonding time.” Ewing said.

Not only do members of the groups preforming love this show, this is popular campus wide.

“I’ve done the lights for Doo-Dah for the past three years. We’ve got tons of lights, the music is great, and the dancers are even better. If you’ve never been to this show before, it’s definitely something to go see,” Skyler Jones, the Audio/Visual Manager for student events said,

Spark your curiosity?

Save the date for Thursday Oct. 9 in the RAC at 7:00 p.m.

Tickets are limited

Purchase them for $1 at the T-Shirt Swap in the Russell Union Rotunda from 12-1 p.m. Monday-Thursday, or at the UPB office at the Williams Center.