How to exercise your right to vote in Statesboro

Justin Doil

On Nov. 4, millions of Americans will go to the polls to cast their ballot in the midterm election. Before a ballot can be cast, though, the voter registration process must first be completed.

Registering to vote is just a few clicks away on the Georgia Secretary of State website and is open until Oct. 6. For students living on campus who need a specific street address for their residence hall to complete the registration process, a list of addresses will be available when organizations begin voter registration drives. They can also be found through the Dean of Students Office.

According to Associate Dean of Students, Kerry Greenstein, students who register to vote will have two opportunities to cast their ballot; during early voting days and also on election day.

“Georgia Southern is an approved location for early voting which will be in the Russell Union Ballroom Oct. 21-23,” Greenstein said. “We encourage students to vote early on campus since it is simpler and faster, but if you choose not to vote early and vote on Election Day, you need to go to the location listed on your voter registration confirmation card.”

Along with Associate Dean Greenstein, undergraduate intern Taryn Connelly has taken an active role in training campus organizations on how to conduct voter registration drives using the available online resources. Because this training is still progressing, students looking for campus voter registration drives will notice a lack of them leading up to the deadline to register.

“Right now we are really just trying to get people aware that they can go online to register to vote,” Connelly said. “We want to train more organizations on how use the website. With this website an organization can process a huge quantity of people with only a laptop and a few volunteers.”

The deadline to register to vote is drawing near. To vote in the Nov. 4 midterm election in the state of Georgia, an eligible voter must register by Oct. 6.

Greenstein said, “Students need to register to vote. You want your voice to be heard. It’s what’s so great about living in a democracy, and it is also an investment in your future because you get to choose who will represent you.”

Quick Tips:

1. The website to register to vote is:

2. The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 4 midterm election is Oct. 6.

3. Early voting will take place in the Russell Union Ballroom Oct.21-23.

4. For more information on voter registration contact the Dean of Students Office.