Annabelle Disappoints Demon Possessed Dolls Everywhere

Alia Lewis

For all those people expecting “Annabelle” to at least measure up, let alone be more frightening than “The Conjuring”, prepare to be extremely disappointed.

Calling “Annabelle,” the prequel to “The Conjuring,” a horror film is insulting and down-right embarrassing.

Not only did the story line lack in originality, but the cinematography was absolutely horrid. The camera was not up to standards, the angles were off and most scenes zoomed in on objects that had zero significance and left no effect.

One of the main climax scenes where lead actress, Annabelle Wallis(Mia) ran from a demon was very predictable and overdone.

Imagine teenagers filming a movie while one person runs, another spins the camera to make the actor seemed disillusioned and another manually flickers the lights on and off, all while someone else blares creepy music to remind you, as if you didn’t already know, that you’re viewing a scary movie. That in essence was “Annabelle.”

Even the setting was off. The only indications that the movie was set in the 60s were a vintage TV, worn dress,and stovetop kettle corn. Everything else, including the set design and architecture screamed modernity.

Also, for the movie to be centered around the doll, Annabelle, she didn’t stand out or live up to her potential. Not once did she turn her head, walk around, move her mouth, or do any other action that would’ve revealed she’s demon possessed. She simply sat there staring. Tree O’Toole, the woman who played the real life Annabelle, is what gave the movie the little dignity it has. She truly was the only person who caused suspense and got the audience on edge.

Overall, “Annabelle” was a disappointment for anyone expecting the movie to live up to “The Conjuring.” Along with the overplayed story line, the film’s low budget and terrible cinematography were the icing on this severely scorched cake. Although some scenes led to the occasional shriek, “Annabelle” should not be considered a horror movie. It’s rating: 3/10 stars.