Lessons From Hannah

Ciera Williams

We make jokes about the cheesiness of the musical era of Disney channel all the time, but face it, Hannah Montana is a legend. You may cringe at the thought of her present day “Miley Cyrus” act, but let’s forget that for a moment.

I was having a bad weekend, but the Pandora station featuring Disney’s original pop princess really cheered me up. “Nobody’s Perfect,” a classic, reminded me that mistakes are going to happen and we can’t dwell on them. I know that’s a sentiment oft shared, but something about the familiar beats and infectious chorus made that stick with me. Thanks, Hannah!

Listening to “The Climb” really brought out my inner country-popstar. (I realize this song was done as Miley Cyrus, but bear with me). This song is one of those bangerz you have to play at maximum volume in order to get the full effect, and believe me, I got “turnt” when it came on. This song came out when I was in 9th grade. I wasn’t going through much then, but 5 years later, it played at a perfect time. Remember, it’s all about the climb, y’all.

During my week of musical enlightenment, I was re-educated on the simpleness of yesteryear. I urge everyone reading this to take time out of their week to listen to “Who Said.” She had such a free spirit and encouraged us all to live without any restrictions. In this song, a young Montana insists that you can be “soft and sweet” or “louder than the radio”. It is ultimately your personal decision.

I’ve been singing with Hannah and other Disney all-stars this whole week. At home, on the bus. Heck, even in the middle of campus. Some may call me childish, but I don’t care. I’m having fun! After all, life is what you make it, so let’s make it rock.