Get weird with this Halloween make-up guide

Laurianna Cull


Makeup supplies needed

-Black theatre/monster makeup

-Red theatre/monster makeup

-White theatre/monster makeup

-Black eye liner pencil

-Makeup applicator/brush/Q-tip

-Makeup sponge

-Fake blood

Vampire Makeup Steps

Step 1: Wash and dry face before beginning. Wrap wash cloth or paper towels around your collar to protect clothing from makeup spills.

Step 2: Apply white makeup to entire face using makeup sponge. Apply until you get desired color and smoothness.

Step 3: Apply black makeup on the eyelid up to eyebrow line, then apply black below the eye and on the sides of the nose to complete the circular shape around the eye. Don’t get worried if the makeup doesn’t form a perfect circle. You will blend it later.

Step 4: Outline lips with a thick black line using the black eyeliner pencil. You can also use the black makeup with a brush/applicator to line the lips.

Step 5: Use the black eyeliner pencil to draw the lines coming from the black eye circles. The amount of lines and design depends on personal preference. Then, use the red makeup and brush/applicator to fill in the inside of the lips. Use finger to blend from black to red.

Step 6: Use makeup sponge and/or finger to add red on top of the black lines drawn in step 5. Also, use red to outline the black eye circles. Blend black to red as necessary.

Step 7: Use brush/applicator/Q-tip to apply single lines of fake blood under the bottom lip that drip down the chin. To finish it off, add some extra fake blood to lower lip.


Makeup supplies needed

-Stipple sponge

-Makeup sponge

-Theatre makeup bruise wheel (green, yellow, blue/black, red and brown)

-Fake blood

-Liquid latex

-toothpick/safety pin/scissors

-cotton ball

-tissue/toilet paper


Zombie Makeup Steps

Step 1: Wash and dry face before beginning. Wrap wash cloth or paper towels around your collar to protect clothing from makeup.

Step 2: Apply liquid latex where you would like to have cuts and open wounds. Once the first layer of liquid latex dries, add one to three more layers. Tear small piece of tissue/toilet paper and roll it into a line using your palm to give a wound more depth. Then apply a layer of latex on top to hold it in place as shown in the circular latex piece on the forehead.

Step 3: Once the layers of latex dry, you can pull some pieces down gently with your finger to add a peeling skin effect. On other latex pieces, you can use a toothpick/safety pin to open the latex up. For longer cuts, use scissors to cut a slit in the latex as shown on the side of the model’s eye.

Step 4: Use your makeup sponge and/or fingers to add layers of green and yellow makeup to the face. Be sure to put makeup on the latex as well in order to blend it with the skin. In this case, you do not want a smooth, full coverage of makeup. It’s better if the green and yellow makeup looks splotchy. A zombie does not have perfect skin. Also, use your black/blue makeup to dark out they eyes and give your zombie a hollow eyed look.

Step 5: Use your brush/applicator to put the black/blue makeup in the cuts. Use your finger to blend if necessary. Feel free to add a little bit of red makeup as well.

Step 6: Use brush to apply fake blood inside of the cuts. To add texture and a more “fleshy” look, rip small pieces off of your cotton ball and stick them in the cuts on top of the fake blood. Don’t worry; it should look a little messy at first. Also, use your black/blue makeup to black out the lips. Use your finger to blend some black outside of the lips as well. Zombies are meant to look messy.

Step 7: Use your stipple brush and apply brown, green, and yellow makeup to add texture to the makeup and to make your zombie look a little more rough and dirty. It is important not to excessively blend this part. Just dab.

Step 8: And now for the fun part: fill your cuts and wounds with the fake blood, and add some fake blood around the mouth as well. Let the blood drip so the wounds look more natural.