DIMES Fashion Organization makes GSU their runway

Michelle Norsworthy

In 2002, Designs Inspired, Magnificently In Style (D.I.M.E.S) became Georgia Southern University’s very first fashion organization. Now, with a new name, DIMES Fashion Organization (DFO) is taking the campus by storm.

Members are sure to gain experience once they join. According to Erica Jones, vice-president of DFO, shows are being planned even before the semester begins.

“It is a huge process; it takes all of our committees to put a show together,” Jones said. “All of our students are very talented. Even if [they] don’t have much experience, as they work their way through, they can be a diamond. It’s amazing!”

DFO puts on two showcases in the fall, and a big show in the spring. Each showcase will offer sneak peeks into what the Spring Show has to offer. Each fashion show is planned, produced, and put on by Georgia Southern students. Though no official dates have been set, Jones urges students and faculty to “be on the lookout.”

Though fashion is the main focus of DFO, bonding and networking play huge roles in the success of both the organization and its productions.

“We have lots of opportunities for our members. We’ve had some of our past members do internships with Vogue out in California. We’ve also had one who’s doing design for people up in New York,” Jones said. “It’s always a pleasure to hear that students who were in [DFO] were afforded such big opportunities. To know that [we] had an impact is such a great feeling.”

“Part of our mission is to make sure you enjoy yourself before anything,” Jones said. “We are a teaching-learning organization, so no experience is needed.”

Boasting around six different committees, there’s something in DFO for any student interested in fashion.

[one_half padding=”0 0px 0 0″]MODEL TROUPE[/one_half]

[one_half_last padding=”0 0px 0 0″]MULTIMEDIA

  • Photography
  • Music
  • Video


[one_half padding=”0 0px 0 0″]FASHION

  • Designing
  • Styling


[one_half_last padding=”0 0px 0 0″]PUBLIC RELATIONS[/one_half_last]

[one_half padding=”0 0px 0 0″]COSMETOLOGY

  • Hair
  • Make Up


[one_half_last padding=”0 0px 0 0″]PRODUCTION[/one_half_last]

PRESIDENT: Ayanna Aponte

CO-ED: Yes


CONTACT: Facebook, Twitter, MyInvolvement