Food for thought

Erinn Williams

If you thought that this column was going to be about a granola eating, hiking, quinoa-making, Greek yogurt-eating health nut then I’m sorry, you might want to skip over to the next column because this isn’t for you.

Nope this column is for the poor eaters. The “I’m gonna order a large meat-lovers pizza and eat it by myself” types, the people you see eating at places that probably aren’t up to health code, the people who would live in a Taco Bell if the seats were more comfortable, the people like me.

I am in love with deep-fried, barbecued, smothered in sauce, artery-clogging, fat-containing, overly-sugared, glazed, obesity-causing food. I’ve never been a calorie counter, and I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life eating whatever I want.

Not that I don’t enjoy healthy foods, I actually love them. Fresh fruits and veggies make my heart sing! I was an avid user of the Pickle Barrel, and the Campus Farmer’s Market brings me joy, but as a non-driving member of GSU sometimes it’s hard to find a healthy option. So when the succulent call of a Chick-fil-A sandwich with extra pickles and a large fry hits my nostrils, I answer.

But I can’t live like this forever. One day the overindulgence of our youth will become the diabetes and heart attacks of our old age and it sucks, but the road to changing this is filled with setbacks.

The struggle to even try to become healthier on a college student budget is so real! Why does it cost more for me to try to be healthier than it does for me live off of ramen noodles and pizza rolls for the rest of my life? Does anyone else think this is messed up or is it just me? So I guess I’ll just leave you with this food for thought.