Coalition Crew: Taking Dance & Stepping Outside the Box

Michelle Norsworthy

With a mission statement that includes the word “revolutionary,” Georgia Southern University can only expect great things from its newest and most inclusive performing arts organization: Coalition Crew.

Founder and president, Warren Wright, says his vision was to create a place where step and dancing could coexist. While GSU does have very talented step teams and dance teams, Coalition Crew is the first organization on campus to incorporate the hardcore movements of stepping with the passion and drive of dance.

Passion and drive are something the members of Coalition Crew value, especially Wright.

“That’s what I love to do,” Wright said. “I love to perform, and I love to entertain, so I wanted to put them together; that’s the story behind it.”

Blending step with the various dance styles Coalition has in its arsenal is no easy task. Dorian Kindall, vice-president of treasury, brings marching, interpretive and inspirational dance to Coalition’s arsenal and also has a history of stepping.

“We harp on being diverse. When we come up with dances or steps, we try and think outside the box,” Kindall said.

Zakyra Colvin, who serves as Coalition’s vice president of multimedia, has a history in ballet, jazz, tap and even trained under a dancer for the Miami Heat. Though Coalition’s passion and drive are important, the real secret to the organization is the relationships.

“Already we’re really close,” Colvin said. “It’s just a really cool group of people.”

It’s that family feel that encourages members to get the most out of their diverse backgrounds and talents.

With such a diverse collective of talents, their upcoming show is sure to keep audience members captivated.

“Unplugged will be our debut performance,” Wright said. “[It’s] practice, practice, practice. We practice three times a week, a total of six hours. We have to have routines, transitions – just a collaboration of everyone, all their talents just put together to make it on-point, in-sync, upbeat and into it.”

With all of their hard work, Coalition Crew’s members are confident that those who attend next week’s Unplugged will be entertained and excited to see more.

“I’m excited for people to see who Coalition is!” Alexis Gordon, a member of Coalition who’s been dancing since age three, said, “We’re Coalition and we’re here.”

Quick Info:

PRESIDENT: Warren Wright

CONTACT: Twitter, Facebook

CO-ED: Yes


REQS: Must have at least a 2.5 GPA


UPB’s Unplugged:

Event: UPB’s Unplugged

Headliner: Coalition Crew

When: Tuesday, Sept. 30th @ 6:30 p.m.

Where: Williams Center Multipurpose Room

This is a free event.