Brand new German joint brings kebabs to the ‘Boro.

Variety is the spice of life. Tired of eating chicken and cheeseburgers all the time? Son’s Döner Kebab, a new German joint, now offers a new food outlet.

 Son’s Döner Kebab, located behind Zaxby’s, serves German food in the form of Döner Kebabs. Döner Kebabs are traditionally a Turkish dish of meat that can be served in a number of ways such as on a pita, wrap or on a plate. It is widely popular in the German community.

 Son Nguyen, the owner, runs the business that first started in Germany with his family. Tu Pham, his daughter, helps her father overcome the language barrier when necessary.

 “My parents are Vietnamese,” Tu said. “My dad was into German restaurants. [Son’s Döner Kebab] first opened in Germany for about 10 years.”

 The opportunity for Tu’s family to move to America eventually presented itself, and they soon found themselves in Georgia, where Son carried over his ambition and started anew.

 “We opened a restaurant in Warner Robins,” Tu said. The place thrived but had a problem. Son realized it was time to try something different. “[Son’s Döner Kebab] was a shared restaurant so we left it,” he said. They moved to Statesboro and fell into the the Georgia Southern atmosphere. “We thought: ‘College town, people love fast food.’ So we opened up in this area. [Son’s Döner Kebab] is different. People don’t even know what it is. It’s something new. We don’t have any German restaurants here. That’s why we wanted to try it.”

 The menu has many ways to order a Döner Kebab. One can have it ordered in a box with fries, white rice or in a wrap. It can also be ordered in a pita or with flat bread. However, the most popular way is to have it cooked on white bread. Each Döner Kebab lets you choose between sliced beef and lamb or chicken.

 Son’s Döner Kebab prices their items at fast food levels. Their number one selection, the Döner Kebab Box, costs $4.99. The coveted number three, the Döner Kebab, only costs $6.49. When restaurants have usual rates of $7 or higher, Son’s Döner Kebab becomes a reprieve.

 “Fast food isn’t always healthy,” Tu said. “But you can still get cheap food that’s healthy. Our food is fresh. We made the food ourselves. We make everything before people get here.”

 As Tu explained, Döner Kebabs are popular in Germany because they are cheap, and that was something Son wanted to express with his restaurant: fairly-priced, quality meals.

 Along with the Boba Tea that Son’s Döner Kebab exclusively serves, the German restaurant also has a bright green sign in front of it, a sign that makes it hard for people to miss.

Son’s Döner Kebab is new and distinct. Anyone not familiar to German food now has an opportunity to test their taste buds. Located at 17 College Plaza, it is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is closed on Sundays.