The Boro’s got Buns, hun

Kenneth Lee

By Kenneth Lee

The George Anne staff

Buns, despite what its name might imply, is not a seedy, boozy club promoting drunken shenanigans. It’s actually a local restaurant that opened in April and is known for serving hotdogs with both passion and proficiency. With a couple of flat-screen TVs in a roomy atmosphere, Buns is cozy without being dull, spacious without being isolating and lively without being overbearing.

Buns has cultivated an affordable menu for students, being cheap in price while avoiding being costly in quality and quantity. Their menu features classic all-American food, such as boast-worthy hotdogs, great-tasting cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, sandwiches, chili cheese fries and fresh salads.

“Most people would just open a can of chili but we sit there and take tomatoes and brown ground beef and mix it together. Same with the coleslaw, we make it from fresh cabbage,” Donnie Catrabone, Buns’ restaurant owner, said.

Buns offers free delivery, customizable hotdogs and other daily specials, demonstrating a willingness to work within a student budget.

“We have a different special every day. We try and come up with something to keep things fresh,” Catrabone said.

Classic 51 Dog

At $4 or $4.75, depending on whether it’s a pork-beef blend or a full beef dog, this is the most expensive hot dog they offer. A messy but fulfilling meal, this dish comes with two hot dogs squeezed into a bun, heavily covered with fresh coleslaw and chili cheese, mustard and oyster crackers, leaving a euphoric explosion for your taste buds.

Combo dogs

Basically a classic 51-lite, with fewer toppings and a lowered price. This cost-efficient meal comes equipped with two hot dogs topped with the winning combination of both coleslaw and chili.

Chili cheese fries

Enough to satisfy a single person and if stretched, two friends if you want to share, the fries are coated with a plentiful amount of chili cheese. The chili cheese fries deliver on the promise of a satisfying appetizer.

Double cheeseburger

Two hamburgers topped with cheese and stuffed in between two hamburger buns, this dish shines in its simplicity. Like the rest of the items on the menu, the double cheeseburger is appetizing and affordable.

The Hours:

Monday-Friday: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. 

Saturday: 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

The Alcohol:

Serves beer and wine

$4.50 pitchers every day all day

The Prices 

Menu items range from $1.50-$5.50 

Delivery is free but requires a minimum $10 purchase

Delivery: (912) 681-2355

Where is it located?

1433 Northside Drive East (by the old Video Warehouse)

The Dogs

Two types of hotdogs

1. the buns dog is a pork-beef blend.

2. The beef dog is an all-beef dog.

You can choose to have them boiled or grilled.