Game On With the Geeks ‘n’ Gamers

Michelle Norsworthy

As a club initially created for Pokémon lovers, Battle Frontier left many confused as to what its purpose was. Now, under its new name “Geeks ‘n’ Gamers,” the organization is easily Georgia Southern University’s most inclusive gaming organization.

While other gaming formats played a minor role, its president, Daniel Thornton, says they’ve spawned into new areas of gameplay. Hosting rooms for gamers of every console, board and card game imaginable, everyone can find something that interests them.

“We’re not specific on anything,” Thornton said. “If you aren’t satisfied, you can bring your system or your game and there’s no doubt about it – someone is going to play with you.”

While board and card games were always welcome, video games were the most prominent gaming option. Now, popular games such as Cards Against Humanity are gaining traction within the organization.

“We actually have two rooms in the IT Building. One room is mostly based on video games, anything with a computer, and the other is for card games and board games,” Thornton said.

Geeks ‘n’ Gamers also hosts and participates in gaming tournaments. According to Thornton, this semester boasts a variety of games for their tournaments. In the line-up are fighters, first person shooters, sports and racing games. There will also be a few lesser known titles.

“What’s crazy is that we can go from our meeting time, which is at seven, to like three in the morning,” Thornton said.

In the last few weeks, Geeks ‘n’ Gamers has seen numerous changes and more changes are in the works.

“It’s been surprising these last few weeks how everything’s grown,” Thornton said. “It’s exciting for me in a good way.”

Thornton encourages anyone interested to “just grab a seat” and game on.

PRESIDENT: Daniel Thornton

FEES: $5 per semester

CO-ED: Yes

CONTACT: Facebook (GSU Battle Frontier)

WHEN: Tues. & Thurs. @ 7 p.m.

WHERE: IT Building

  • PC & Video Games – Room 2202
  • Board & Card Games – Room 2205