Essential Apps for a College Kid

Kenneth Lee

Instagram, Yik Yak and Snapchat aren’t the only apps available on your phone. There are several helpful apps that can make your time in college easier. Through hard evidence and research, unbiased statistics, personal testimonies and iron-clad recommendations from professionals, several apps were found to help lessen the financial burden on your wallets and make your stay in Georgia Southern a little bit more convenient.

Tapingo: If you’re like me, whenever you’re stuck in a long line, you’re filled with a seething, white-hot rage and the insatiable urge to cause serious bodily harm to every living soul in front of you. With this app, you’ll be able to avoid an assault charge while hoodwinking your way to the front of the line with little to no wait. Place an order on Tapingo 15 minutes before your class ends and beat the line rush at Chick fil-A, Starbucks, The Union Deli in Gus Mart, Wrapsody in the Chemistry/Nursing Building and the Market Street Deli in the IT Building.

Splickit/Moe’s App: With this handy app, place an order online and you’re in and out before they even say “Welcome to Moe’s!”

Evernote/Clear: It’s easy to dismiss note-taking apps, that is, until you miss an assignment date or forget an important meeting. Evernote and Clear are two efficient apps that’ll help you keep your thoughts and tasks organized. Plus, who doesn’t get a mini adrenaline rush from checking things off lists?

Street Eagle Transit: Before you kick down a bus door or find yourself raising your fists towards the heavens in frustration, download this app. For those still unfamiliar with the bus service offered here on Georgia Southern, this allows you to view our campus’s bus routes, along with the live location of the buses.

Campus Special: Informs you of all the local deals that the businesses of Statesboro has to offer from restaurant specials to discounted haircuts.