Happy Single Life

Kristina Agbebiyi

I think nowadays there’s just this assumption that if you’re a mildly attractive person, and have a semi-decent personality, you will eventually be rewarded with a significant other. “You’re such a great person, why are you single?” Is something that us perpetually single folks are used to hearing.

You know what, I really don’t know why I am single, and I honestly don’t care anymore.I used to sit around thinking about why guys didn’t like me. I wondered if I was too tall, or if I needed to straighten my hair. I wondered if guys were intimidated by my feminist values. I used to stress myself out by trying to change different facets of my personality. I just assumed that something had to be wrong with me and that’s why I was single.

But then I sat and looked at things rationally. Was there anyone here that I even wanted to date? No. Did I even have time to date? No. I’m on several exec boards and I have a job. I also can’t get even more behind on Grey’s Anatomy episodes. Do I feel like I would like a relationship right now? No. I need my alone time, and if someone texts me I rarely respond.The only reason I was even worried about being single was because of society constantly telling us that we can’t be happy on our own.

Why can’t we just be awesome people who haven’t found awesome partners yet? Why do we have to be broken individuals who all of our friends take pity on? The answer is simple: we don’t. I think it’s time for a new revolution. It’s time for us perpetually single folks to own our solitude and embrace it. We should spend more time being selfish and focusing on having fun by ourselves. We can work on building up meaningful friendships and taking more risks to build up our professional careers! We shouldn’t wallow in self-pity! We know our bae is out there somewhere. So we shouldn’t forget to enjoy this time while we wait to meet them!