Cuffing Season Your View

Justin Doil

How do students feel about cuffing season?

“I think it’s pretty dumb. If you want a girlfriend in the summer, then go get one. If you want one in the fall, then go get one. You don’t need a season to tell you what to do,” James Wright, freshman exercise science major, said.

“It’s kinda barbaric to think that you need someone to cuddle with through the winter. You have a heater in your room so you don’t even need someone to keep you warm. People just use it as an excuse to hookup,” Christopher Cogdill, freshman biomedical engineering major, said. 

“I really do not see the point of it. What is there to gain by having just someone in the fall months when you can either focus on school or other aspects of your social life like getting a full time boyfriend,” Kelly Hilinksi sophomore pre-nursing major, said.