Chasing The Dream with Cale Dodds

Alia Lewis

Up and coming country superstar, Cale Dodds, is lighting up stages like never before. His love for music has taken him all across the country, performing in packed venues and writing songs with country music greats such as Kyle Jacobs and Matt McClure.

Currently one of Wild Wing Café’s Featured Artists of 2014, Dodds is performing his solo tour promoting his new EP, “Wild and Reckless.”

With all of his success, it’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, Dodds was an ordinary college student at Columbus State University. Dodds doesn’t believe all of his fame came overnight. “It wasn’t a cakewalk,” Dodds said.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ga., Dodds left everything he knew to follow his dreams. “I moved to Nashville at 22 with a suitcase and guitar in pursuit of the next step of my musical career,” Dodds said.

Dodds found a great team of people who believed in him and his musical abilities. Soon after, he met Kyle Jacobs and Matt McClure through mutual friends. They liked his music and decided to make a record. “It happened organically,” Dodds said.

Dodds has been approached by other labels before, but he says it didn’t feel right. “It’s a matter of holding out.” He believes that whatever decisions you make should feel right in your heart.

Dodds takes this approach even while making music.

“Country music is at a different step than it’s ever been before. In today’s world, what we’re doing is country. There’s more of an American story being brought,” Dodds said.

Dodds always brings honesty into his songs. “When I write something, the goal is to make someone feel something, not just hear something,” Dodds said. This concept has been a major factor to his success.

Despite his love and honesty for songwriting, he knows that it’s not always an easy process.

“If you only try to create great art when you’re inspired, you won’t get much done. It requires trying and sitting down and attempting,” Dodds said.

Dodds is constantly working on improving his skills. He knows that with everything in life, “The more you do it, the better you get,” Dodds said.

Because of his talent and hard work, he has garnered the attention of many. So far, he’s opened for Corey Smith, Billy Currington, and Kellie Pickler.

Dodds accredits his success to his band, booking agency, and team. He believes you should always surround yourself with great people who believe in you.

Dodds is always focused on his dreams. He says his next steps are to grow his career. He wants to continue to tour, promote, and play music.

“When I’m not song writing, my passion is being on stage. And when I’m on stage my passion is writing songs,” Dodds said.

Dodds loves interacting with fans and seeing how a song connected with them. “Beauty is seeing the reaction from new people every night,” Dodds said.

Students who want to hear more of Dodds can catch him on tour or download his new EP, “Wild and Reckless” on iTunes or Spotify.

His final advice to students and aspiring musicians is to “Surround yourself with great people. Be yourself. Continue to learn and grow, but do what’s real to you. Stay true to what it is you’re trying to do. Do what you love,” Dodds said.

Dodds recently played a show at Retrievers here in Statesboro. He plans to come back, but until he does students can visit his website and watch his performances on his YouTube page.

“I love Retrievers. I look forward to the day when I can pack it out. Hail Southern.”