Missing Talons? We’ve got you.

Laurianna Cull

While Gus Mart has been fairly busy these first few weeks of school, let’s be honest. We all miss Talons to some degree.

Whether you sat down to have a nice meal and relax after a long day of classes or ordered some wings before watching a football game with your buddies, the familiar tastes and smells of Talons is gone, GSU.

Although the on-campus sit-down restaurant will not be making a reappearance at Georgia Southern in the foreseeable future, all hope is not lost.

If you can no longer go to Talons, bring Talons into your very own kitchen with some of their signature dishes.

Over the next several weeks, The George-Anne will be releasing some of your favorite Talons recipes in our Tuesday addition, but it will be up to you to decide which recipes those will be.

Choose your top two favorite entrees from our Talons Grille menu, and send your choices to GSUTalonsvote@gmail.com by this Fri, Sept. 5 at noon.