Georgia Senate adds new restriction on distribution of vape products

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  • A Smokin’ Place is a shop in Statesboro that will be affected by the new restriction on vape products in Georgia.

Ashton Christianson

STATESBORO — A Georgia Senate bill adds restrictions on who may sell vape products that use tobacco.

Businesses wishing to sell these products would have to require a license like you would for any other tobacco product. This will limit the people who can sell these products and how citizens can buy them, according to Georgia’s Bill 298.

Currently anyone can sell vape products because they are nicotine products and are not covered under laws regarding tobacco products sale.

Carmen Marsy, owner of A Smokin’ Place in Statesboro, was expecting the state to put a regulation on vape products. About 40% of A Smokin’ Place’s overall sales come from vape products, Marsy said.

“I’m not going to necessarily say that it would be negative for the business,” Marsy said. “There is definitely going to be more fees you’re going to have to pay… for the licenses.”

She also said that if there is a license that is similar to the tobacco licenses they are required to get to sell these products. These licenses may increase the prices of their products for customers.

“If they are making this have a license as well, I’m assuming that means there going to want to tax it like they do tobacco which would in a way would impact the prices, because the prices would have to include whatever that tax it is that they are going to implement upon the business,” Marsy said.

Ashton Christianson, The George-Anne News Reporter,