Students Talk About Sex

Laurianna Cull

Over the past week, 50 students were asked to take an anonymous survey about sex, virginity, waiting until marriage and a few other saucy topics. Turns out, Georgia Southern students were more than willing to share their thoughts and most intimate details on their “first time” and all the times after. While some students talked about sex as a casual pastime, others were adamant about only doing the deed with their future spouse. Here’s what some of your peers had to say about sex. How did students respond to these questions?:

Are you a virgin?

42% said yes (21 students)

58% said no (29 students)

What is your gender?

Female: 57.45% (27 students)

Male: 40.43% (19 students)

Other: 2.13% (1 student)

What are your opinions on waiting until marriage? (students could choose more than one answer)

I think it’s old fashioned 18%

I am waiting until marriage 24%

I don’t really care. People can have sex whenever they’re ready 52%

I think you should wait until you’re in love or with the right person  34%

Other 6%


 Explain your reasons for either being a virgin or not.

“Life is too short to wait for marriage.”

“Cause I’m waiting for marriage yo!”

“I couldn’t care less. It’s just sex.”

“I have been physically intimate with at least one individual in a manner involving penetration, ejaculation and orgasm, also maybe whipped cream.”

“It won’t fit.”

“[I was] eager to lose [my] virginity in high school.”

“If it’s the right time, it’s the right time.”

“I have not had genital- on-genital intercourse.”

“My virginity is the most sacred part of myself, and I am saving it to give to the person I plan to spend the rest of eternity with.”

“Waiting until marriage is a religious prospect, and I am not religious.”

“I decided that I wanted to have sex, and so I did. I had a lot of peer pressure at the time with all of my friends and older siblings having sex already.”

“I haven’t met the right person. I want to be in love.”

“I had been dating a guy for a year, and it seemed like the right time.”

 What are your opinions on sex?

“[It is a] great past time.”

“[It] feels good man.”

“Peeps need to calm down and use protection! Too many babez dawg (sic).”

“I define sex as when someone orgasms.”

“[It is a] beautiful thing if it’s intimate and not a one night drunk fling.”

“If you want to have sex, have sex.”

“It can be as important or unimportant, as meaningful or meaningless as you want it to be.”

“I am kind of uncomfortable with sexual things.”

“I love it.”

“I think people get hung up on sex too much. As long as it’s not hurting yourself or anyone else and you are responsible about thing, who cares what you do, how you do it, or who you do it with?”

“Life is too short to wait for marriage. Sex can be a safe and wonderful expression of love with the right person.”

“I think sex is awesome. I can’t wait to share it with a husband. I also think it’s a very vulnerable thing, especially when you don’t have experience, and I would hate to be that vulnerable in front of someone who might turn me down or be disappointed with me.”

“I think it is pleasant and ought to be made less of such a negative thing in the public light while ensuring that safety is clearly encouraged for legitimate reasons.”

“Sex is great. Sex is fun. Sex is better than hot dog buns.”

“Sex is pretty great.”

“Sex is the bomb-dot-com.”

“I wish I had waited for a guy that I really felt romantic feelings for.”