Pro tips for surviving Georgia Southern

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  • Erinn Williams

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Erinn Williams

Welcome back to Georgia Southern! Navigating campus and finding ways to breeze through your life here is hard, so here are some pro-tips to keep you soaring through this week.

1. Whatever you do, do not use the bathrooms in the Forest Drive Building. Hold it for as long as you can and find your way to the Williams Center restrooms. Your nostrils will thank me later.

2. The rotunda is a cheap/free food haven. Save yourself from unnecessary starvation.

3. Go to the RAC in the morning, and not when everyone gets out of classes- if you want to actually find an unoccupied machine, that is.

4. You can dispute your parking tickets on campus.

5. There is a transit app for the buses. You don’t have to wait in the hot sun or the flood watch rain for a ride that will never come.

6. The PAC is the Nessmith- Lane Conference Center.

7. Bring a ball of yarn with you when trying to navigate the labyrinth that the Math/Physics Building.

8. Don’t go to to Landrum or Lakeside right after a class that ends around 11 or 12 unless you want to know what waiting in line in Hell feels like.

9. Market Street Deli has a secret sandwich called the meat-tastic and you can also switch up the bread at IT.

10. The new Union Deli has subs for $4.95; never be forced to pay extra for avocado at Subway again. Sure, Talons is gone, but at least we can revel in cheaply priced food.

11. Do not buy your books before class! Wait until class has started. This way you know if you will actually need the book before maxing out your credit card.

12. The 4th floor of the library is perfectly suited for naps. Just lay down in the peace and quiet, and get away from the stress of bikes trying to kill you on the pedestrium.

13. If you run out of printer points, you can ask for more.

14. You can call in orders to the fast food places on campus. Beat that lunch time rush!

15. Please learn that there are like 5 Chick-fil-A lines. it will make things go faster.

16. You may think you can get from the RAC to your next class in 15 minutes but you are wrong, dead wrong.