Opinion on opinions

Erinn Williams

So right now I’m an opinions editor, in an opinions section, writing an opinions piece about opinions. Yep, I’m providing you with your daily dose of inception.

But why am I even taking the time to do this? I mean, technically, I can kind of write about my views on anything I want to, but I think it is a good idea to let people know about the value of opinions.

I think it is extremely important to express your opinions and beliefs no matter what they may be because your unique take on life is vital to shaping the world around you.

So what if you think unconventionally and the opinions you hold dear aren’t mainstream? Who cares what the public opinion is? It used to be public opinion that woman were incompetent but look how wrong that was.

I believe that as a generation we truly have the tools to have our voices heard. We should take every chance to be heard.

One of the biggest opportunities for you to have to share your views here is at The George-Anne. All you have to do is send an email and your voice can be heard by the entire campus.

Do you know how extraordinary of an opportunity that is? All across the world people are dying for the right to be heard, to express themselves. They want to feel like somewhere in this planet of over 7 billion they are validated in their feelings and that is at your fingertips with the click of a mouse.

I want you to know that you have a place that welcomes the crazy things that pop in your mind while trying to pay attention in a biology lecture, to the well-thought-out questions that you have never dared to ask.

I want this section to be filled with views from the GSU community from every walk of live, every race, religion and class standing. I want columns and letters to the editor from the custodial worker who is tired of having to clean up students’ vomit after they’ve had a night of debauchery at the bars, to the students who feel the book prices are too damn high, to the professor who is tired of having people fall asleep in their class, to every thing in between.

All of the voices of Georgia Southern are relevant. All of the people are relevant. All of the experiences we have here are relevant.

So the next time that you feel some type of way about anything going on around here, this is the place to share it.