Tech Corner makes technology easy

Braley Garland

A new school year has started, bringing many changes to the campus. One of these big changes is to the IT store, which is now the Tech Corner located in Centennial Place. Adding a continuing education component and a section for athletic tech equipment, the Tech Corner is the largest IT store on a college campus and thanks to student employment it offers the lowest computer servicing prices of any other IT store in Statesboro.

Do you need help with Cloud?

The store has an entire area dedicated to helping people learn how to use their devices and how you can use different devices in harmony with one another.

Are you athletic? Love to spend time outdoors?

The Tech Corner has partnered with Swim Bike Run to offer various athletic tech equipment from Go-Pros, to Kodak underwater cameras and different types of wristbands to keep up with your jogs, calories and anything else you might want to track your workouts.

Need accessories for your smartphone or tablet?

Look no further than the Tech Corner. They offer case selections from many of the top brands including LifeProof and OtterBox. The store also offers many top brand headphones and bluetooth speakers. This week, the Tech Corner is offering a $30 gift card with every purchase of Beats headphones. The store is also offering 20 percent off on all over-the-ear headphones (excluding Beats) for the first two weeks of school.

Are video games your thing?

The Tech Corner also carries gaming equipment, and will even be hosting midnight releases of the bigger hit games throughout the year. They also special order gaming equipment that isn’t offered in-store.