Hipster Jams

Matt Sowell

Another summer has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of bad music and overplayed pop anthems. If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for something a little more fancy than Iggy (lets be real; even a dinner date in the Walmart deli is fancier). Some of our staff pushed up their glasses and compiled the top underground songs of the summer to help carry you through this first week of class.

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“From Eden”- Hozier

This catchy song is perfect for those long days when you just need a chill little tune to unwind to. It’s mellow tune and chorus makes even the most hectic morning feel like you’re sipping latte in a coffee house that your friends have probably never heard .[/one_half]


“Riptide”- Vance Joy

You’ve heard this one before. It’s a simple upbeat song that puts out happy vibes.[/one_half_last]


“Walla Walla”- Glass Animals

The smooth beat and psychedelic feel earns this song a spot on our playlist, the song kind of makes you feel like a bad ass when you listen to it on full blast while walking on the pedestrian.[/one_half]


“F For You”- Disclosure

This song has a strong beat and mellow feel that makes it easy and relaxing to listen to.[/one_half_last]


“Drowning”- Banks

If you like Lana Del Rey, you’ll like Banks. All of her music is poetic and catchy. Plus, you’ll be drowning in a sea of syllabi so why not have a song to drown to?[/one_half]


“Holy Roller (Hallelujah)”- Portugal. The Man.

Though they aren’t necessarily new, Portugal. The Man. fills their album “Evil Friends” with upbeat tunes and dark lyrics. Holly Roller stands out because of its bluesy sound.[/one_half_last]

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“Roller Coaster”- Bleachers

This upbeat song is a great anthem to close the summer.[/one_half_last]