Beat the heat

Erinn Williams

Statesboro has been heating up! Temperatures this week are going to be extremely high. Dealing with heat can be a hassle, so here are some ways to battle this influx of sunshine.

1. Please drink water. You will regret only drinking alcohol and soda when you make that trek to the Education Building.

2. It’s getting really hot in here and while you should definitely not take off all your clothes because of public nudity laws, you can get close. Wear the smallest amount of clothes you can. Let it all hang out. Some people may not approve of your wardrobe but haters gonna hate. It’s too hot for you to care.

3.Tone down some of your make-up. Yeah, sure that contouring has you channeling Beyonce, but when that sunlight hits your face and your eyebrows melt onto your shirt, it’s going to be a major fashion faux pas.

4. Find a pool now or do the ice bucket challenge. Anything that allows water to hit your skin is a godsend.

5. Avoid walking places at all costs.

6. Remember that time in middle school that we discovered that thing called “deodorant?” Lets bring that back. There is nothing worse than being cramped into a classroom filled with sweaty, musty people.

7. Find your way to an a/c vent and lay your body over it and indulge like you are lost in the desert and have found an oasis.

8. Don’t exercise outside. Use the RAC or a local gym. A fit body is cute but you know what’s not cute? Heat stroke.