Clubhouse paving the way to fun with new go-karts

Kenneth Lee

Statesboro, start your engines.

This past week The Clubhouse premiered their latest attraction, the Coca-Cola 125 Raceway and the 28 eco-friendly, electronically controlled go-karts it features.

“It is an incredible fun ride, part of what makes it fun is the adrenaline that comes with it,” Darin Van Tassell, owner of The Clubhouse and Georgia Southern University professor of international studies, said.

After 13 weeks of construction, this $1 million attraction is now open. Each race will consists of six laps equaling to 1.25 miles on a track that is paved with twists and banked turns, ensuring effortless fun for competing racers.

The go-karts themselves are considered cutting edge. They’re capable of reaching the speeds driven on highways, although for safety they’ll operate at no more than 20 mph. The carts will also be outfitted with a turbo button, allowing a quick burst of speed for passing. Half of the carts are two-seaters, allowing friends and couples to ride together. Additionally, the carts were designed to be environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

“All the guides and directions in there are all electronic and computerized. You’ll hear a pit boss talking to you as you’re standing in line, you’ll hear all sorts of fun things to help educate you,” Van Tassell said.

Coca-Cola, a supportive vendor of The Clubhouse and the 125 Raceway, painted the carts, adding to the realistic feel of having a corporate sponsor at the racetrack.

“These go-karts that we have are the world’s best go-karts that you can purchase right now, so the experience on the track is going to be like no other. There’s no doubt about it,” Shellie Pittman, Clubhouse employee, said. “We’re always evolving, growing and adding. We’re just here to please and make our guests happy.”

The Clubhouse, which is located on Old Register Road, also offers 24 lanes of bowling, an arcade, mini-golf, laser tag, batting cages and a Spike’s Sports Grill and Bar, making it a great source of entertainment for Georgia Southern University students and Statesboro residents.