Senior goodbye: I try not to be emotional

Kimeko McCoy

Kimeko McCoy


It’s hard to say, but after three years of learning and growing in Student Media, I’m not sure what else I can say.

The frail sophomore that was hunting for a home grew up to be a strong senior who knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it.

Honestly, I can say I wouldn’t be able to do anything without Student Media.

When I first got here, I can remember sitting at day desk biting at my fingernails in nervousness. I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do or who to talk to. Writing a story was beyond me but Student Media took a chance on me, and I flourished.

I remember sitting behind the Arts & Entertainment desk unsure of what to do because I had never been an editor before and I knew for sure I was going to mess this all up.

But they still took a chance on me.

The friends that I’ve made here are unbelievable. I guess you could call us a small family.

We’ve been through thick and thin together. We’ve been through frienemies, happy hour and everything in between, and it’s sad to say that I won’t be with you guys next year.

I’ll be sure to check in now and then while I’m busy trying to be someone great.

Matt Sowell, I’m passing the torch to you.

Make me proud.

I try not to get emotional, but I love you guys.

McCoy is a graduating senior journalism major. She’s has been working with The George-Anne newspaper since her sophomore year of college. One day, she hopes to become the next Diane Sawyer with maybe her own show, but for now, she’s working on becoming a journalist after college.