It’s the end of the line for this Opinions Editor

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  • Peyton Callanan

Peyton Callanan

Well this is it guys. The last week of classes is quickly coming to a close which means it is time to break out those study guides and grab your third cup of coffee as you push through those pesky little soul-sucking things called finals.

It also means that this is the last issue of The George-Anne for the semester and this is my last column as the Opinions Editor. (It’s okay to cry! Oh, you didn’t know that there was an Opinions Editor? That’s cool too.) You would think after having this gig for an entire semester I would have perfected the art of spouting out my thoughts on various vastly important issues the student body is currently facing in 450 words or less (seriously guys, give Batfleck a chance), but it just wouldn’t be the end of the semester without a heavy dose of procrastination.

I debated for a while what I should cover in my last column and considered just running a standard opinion piece about a current event or issue because I really don’t expect our readers to care about our upcoming change in staff quite as much as we do (we change positions more often than “American Idol” changes judges), but I decided to use my last piece to recognize the people who played a major role in my time as an editor for this paper.

First of all, I would not have been able to make my section without the hard work of the columnists. It takes a lot of guts to unleash your opinions on the entire student body, especially when there is a picture of your face right next to it. From GSUproblems to sex columns, I have throughly enjoyed helping each of the columnist share their voice through the pages of this paper.

Those pages of course wouldn’t exist at all without the dedication of my coworkers here in Student Media. Though we may not always have the most productive work environment, I am consistently impressed by their worth ethic, drive, and ability to slam back margaritas at happy hour.

But most of all I want to thank our readers and the Georgia Southern student body. You are who we make this paper for. Your support encourages us and your criticisms motivate us. This is a paper made for students by students and as our university continues to change and grow, The George-Anne will too.