“The Other Woman” is just another rom-com

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  • Photo: theotherwomanmovie.com

Laurianna Cull

Rating: 2 ½ stars

What happens when a married man cheats on not one, two or three, but four different women and they all find out?

“The Other Woman” answers this question as New York lawyer, Carly, played by Cameron Diaz (“There’s Something About Mary”) discovers that her boyfriend, Mark, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldu (“Oblivion”) is married when she shows up on his doorstep.

When Mark’s wife, Kate played by Leslie Mann (“17 Again”) shows up at Carly’s office and apartment pleading for advice, the two join together to spy on the cheater, Mark, only to find out that there is another woman.

The third woman is even younger and hotter than the first two lovely actresses. Played by super model Kate Upton, Ashley joins Carly and Kate to seek revenge and get even with the man in their lives.

Just as the women began to think they had the upper hand while making Mark’s life a living hell, they discovered that this multi-tasker had yet another woman. They were all being triple-timed.

In the trio of women, Diaz and Mann greatly carry the performance while Upton stands there and looks pretty which is probably all she was hired to do as evidenced by her lack of acting ability.

Thankfully though, this did not slow down the comedy team as Diaz and Mann committed to looking outrageous and not shying away from physical comedy.

They played around with their contrasting characters as Carly (Diaz) acted as the sophisticated leader of the group, Kate (Mann) went with the deer in head lights innocent approach, and Ashley (Upton) played into the ditzy-but-hot girl routine.

“The Other Woman” is a cute and funny film that will certainly keep the audience entertained, but in a year no one will remember they saw it.

Although the gags are great like falling out of windows, trashing the house in a wedding dress, and many more, the film is too similar to other films to be memorable.

It is a film where a man cheats on extremely different types women that form a group in order to seek revenge and ultimately become friends. Even down to giving the man hormones as a revenge technique so that he grows female breasts; its all been done before in films such as “John Tucker Must Die.”

“The Other Woman” is enjoyable and hilarious at times, but it’s a cute chick flick at best that viewers would be better off renting or watching online rather than wasting money on a movie ticket.