Senior goodbye: That’s all I got

Marissa Martin

Marissa Martin

The first time I stepped into the Office of Student Media I didn’t notice its wires hanging from the ceiling, its cinder blocked walls, or its mildewed carpet. I didn’t notice how young the woman was interviewing me for a spot in their Candidate Program. I didn’t notice how much work goes into making a newspaper.

I joined Student Media in January 2012, and I didn’t just learn about journalism here. I learned about who I am. I learned that just because you work with a prestigious group of people that doesn’t mean your office will look prestigious. I learned that maturity and professionalism aren’t about how old you are. I learned that being a reporter comes with criticism and that being an editor comes responsibility. I learned saying you work in marketing sounds a lot more fun than it actually is.

I’ve learned so much during my time here at Student Media and cannot thank you guys enough. I am forever grateful to everyone at Student Media who has helped me learn from my mistakes, my accomplishments and who have helped me get through my embarrassing public speeches. So, for those of you who witnessed my career-making speech at last year’s banquet, that’s all I got.

Marissa Martin will graduate with a B.S. in public relations. She spent her last year at Student Media as the Marketing Manager. She has a passion for adult beverages and is considering turning it into a career.