Channel Noise XX Night Two: An Exploration of Sounds

Noelle Walker

Pictured: Matt Bryant performing “Prelude to Consciousness.“

The second night of “Channel Noise XX ” featured many performers, making for a diverse variety and range of compositions. 

The night opened with Matt Bryant playing three compositions titled “Prelude to Consciousness,” “Windowscape,” and “Distant Memories.” 

There were speakers set up throughout the auditorium along with triangles on the wall that changed colors throughout all the performances. Speakers were put up throughout the recital hall. 

The pieces during Bryant’s performance sounded very calming, and the colors of the triangles consisted of pinks, blues and purples. There was a screen behind him. In his piece “Windowscapes,” there was a moving skyline that had a mountain outline and trees. The sky was filled with clouds and the viewer saw time change as it went from sunrise to sunset. 

Lucas Baugham, graduate student in music technology at GS,  performed “Granules.” The provided program from the GS department of music described the fixed media composition as “a sonic exploration of sounds comprised of many short events that contribute to their overall sound.”

Jarrett Thompson’s piece “Wave Train,” written for percussion trio, was performed by Alex King, Ty Cundy and Mathew Goodman. 

John Nichols III, featured guest composer, performed his first piece of the night titled “SILVER CHAOS” (audiovisual fixed media). The piece was created in 2020 in collaboration with visual artist Héloïse Rouard, and “this work consists in four different sections that have been merged into a single work for this premiere,” according to the program. 

During the piece, the screen showed a black and white video. It seemed that there was light being shone on body parts, including a man’s chest, legs and an eye, and there were moments of static on the screen. Lights were flashing in the auditorium at the same time. 

After Nichols III’s first piece, RJ Jackson performed “Da Capo.” Jackson also sang and played baritone during the composition. 

The night ended with Nichols III’s piece titled “GATES.”

Nichols III said he wrote the piece during a hard time in his life. He was staying in a Motel 6 and he wrote the piece in 52 days between 2012-2013. He poured into the scripture of Nehemiah and took inspiration from the Jewish people rebuilding the city of Jerusalem’s walls in 52 days. 

The piece was also partly inspired by the Pleiades constellation, and a “musical mapping of an image of the constellation occurs in the middle and at the conclusion of the composition,” according to the program.  

The last night of “Channel Noise XX” will take place tonight at 7:30 p.m.