Graphic designers wow at CAT

Photo: Brandon Warnock

Rashida Otunba

Prepare to experience a new side of art this Friday as Georgia Southern University’s Department of Art presents the BFA Graphic Design Exhibition.

The exhibition will include the works of 23 undergraduate students. Each piece is a portion of their artistic portfolio that they have worked on during their years in GSU’s BFA program. Submissions include model ads, webpages, prints, graphs, timelines and even video submissions.

“This exhibition validates all the hard work we’ve gone through as students. It’s also a way to celebrate how far we’ve come with our friends and family. People can see how much really goes into graphic design by coming to the exhibition. It’s not just making logos. Even though we have the same principles as other art majors, we’re more unconventional because we deal with the business aspect,” Cydnee Jones, senior graphic design major, said.

The exhibition is a graduation requirement for graphic design students in the BFA program. Each student has selected five to seven pieces to showcase at the exhibit showcasing their specific field of interest within the graphic design umbrella. After each piece is presented at the exhibition, a panel of business professionals in the graphic design field will critique and review their work.

This exhibition gives students the opportunity to present their work and open up a dialogue between them and the community and business professionals where students can rectify or modify their work based on the feedback they receive, Santanu Majumdar, the director of the exhibition and assistant professor of graphic design, said.

For her submission, Jones has created a visual called “The Console Wars,” which visually compares the three major video game companies, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, throughout their years of production.

“I’ve always really enjoyed video games. There are a lot of companies that have come and gone over the years so I wanted to showcase the survivors,” Jones said.

The exhibition has been in the planning period since last fall. Although each student has numerous pieces available, they pick five to seven pieces to showcase.

I think this exhibit is good practice for us. It’s nice to get to showcase all of our artwork that we’ve been working on for the past few years. It’s nice to get others to see it’s not just finger painting that goes on in the arts building, Haley Tam, senior graphic design major and marketing minor, said.

The BFA Graphic Design Exhibit will be featured at the Center for Art and Theater until April 30.