Better security will lead to safer schools

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  • Jordan Huerta

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Jordan Huerta

Another horrific tragedy occurred April 9 at Franklin Regional High School near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 16-year-old Alex Hribal is accused of stabbing as many as 22 people, including 21 students and a security guard, before school started that Wednesday morning. Thanks to many students and faculty members that put themselves in harm’s way and intervened on behalf of others, all of the victims are expected to live.

What can be done to combat these heinous acts? Simply better security.

Granted, there was at least one security guard at the school during the time of the assault. We know this because he was one of the assailant’s victims. Clearly what every school in this great nation needs is the presence of security guards or the arming of teachers and faculty members.

The hiring of security guards will thwart the next pinhead that wants to infringe on the lives of other people.

The size of the school will determine how many security guards are needed to effectively protect the lives of the students and faculty members that attend said school.

Schools that cannot hire guards for fiscal reasons should implement measures that include equipping teachers with the necessary tools to engage an aggressor that imposes fear and harm onto helpless school-aged children.

One thing I would like to make clear is that no teacher should be forced to possess a gun while on school property; this idea is only for the willing and able. These teachers, as well as other faculty members that are interested, will be required to undergo meticulous training annually, and they must be able to obtain a concealed carry license in order to have a gun on school property.

Also, all guns shall be in an individual safe at all times.

Utilizing the aforementioned guidelines, schools around the country will be better able to prevent another tragic circumstance. Unfortunately, we will not be able to prevent every single incident, no matter what preventable measures are enforced.