Travis Porter to come to Rude Rudy’s

Martinique Mccrory

If you ever brought it back or made it rain to a Travis Porter song, you may want to purchase tickets to the Rude Rudy’s event this Thursday night.

Rude Rudy’s, a frequented dance bar located at the University Plaza, will be hosting the hip-hop group Travis Porter on Thursday night for one of Sigma Chi’s Derby Days events.

“They are big rap artists in Atlanta, and they know how to get a crowd going,” said Nick Karettis, business marketing major and MC/promoter for Rude Rudy’s.

Travis Porter has three members and is native to Decatur, Georgia. They are most known for their songs “Ayy, Ladies,” featuring Tyga, “Make It Rain” and “Bring It Back.”

Rude Rudy’s and the Sigma Chi brothers hope that the group’s popularity will help exceed the earnings that were produced at the bar last year.

“Last year we brought in Roscoe Dash, but kept it a private event. We raised just over 15,000 dollars after the week was over,” said Trey Tiller, Sigma Chi philanthropy chair and business management major. “This year there are tickets that the public can purchase for a limited amount of time.”

Attendees can go celebrate the upcoming weekend while raising money for a charitable cause.

“All money raised from ticket sales will go to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation,” Tiller said.

Tickets will soon increase from $5 to $10 and can be purchased through Sigma Chi brothers. Online tickets will remain $15 on for as long as tickets are available.

Karettis said,“Our goal is to raise as much money as possible and make sure everyone has a great time.”