4-on-4 with the 4×4 : Inside the Eagles’ relay team

Bryan Marseille

Georgia Southern University is home to the No. 1-ranked team in Southern Conference heading into the Conference championships this weekend.

The Eagles soared to the top of the record books countless times in 2014, with all-time performances in the 4x400m and 4x100m relays. The rotations and players may shift, but the baton always moves swift between this year’s well-knit group. The George-Anne pulled together performers from each of the record-setting performance to learn the personal side of the consistent competitors.

Alyssa Felton

Sophomore/Lithonia, Ga.

Asha Stegall

Freshman/Tuskeegee, Ala.

Aarian Tipton

Senior/Witchita, Kan.

Jordan Fordham


The George-Anne: What made you start running track?

Alyssa Felton: When I was younger, I started when I was like seven, I used to win field day in elementary school and my coach suggested to my parents that I run track. That’s where it all started .

Asha Stegall: Being bored my seventh grade year. That was my first time ever running. It was an opportunity instead of soccer. I just decided to run track and I was good at it.

Aarian Tipton: I played basketball and I was always the fastest on the team. So I decided to try out for track.

Jordan Fordham: Honestly, I played basketball before I started running track. I started running my 12th grade year. I got tired of basketball. I’m really athletic, and I like to try new things.

The G-A: What’s your most memorable moment of the track?

Felton: in 2010 at Nationals with my junior Olympic team. We won the 4×100 and we had a person fall. It was really bad. It was all bad. We almost broke the record, but pulled it out and still won.

Stegall: At FPD [track meet in Macon] when we were losing the 4×4 by 120 meters and I came back and beat her by 30.

Tipton: To date, it is when I ran the 200m race at the SoCon Indoor Championship and came in third.

Fordham: My 12th grad year at Eagles Landing. I remember coach stuck me in the 100, 200, and that was my first time running the 4×400. That was my first time getting my name out there. That was the first everybody knew who Jordan was.

The G-A: Who’s the best all-around athlete on the team (besides yourself)?

Felton: Ashleigh Rasheed. She does multi and individuals. She’s really dedicated.

Stegall: Ashleigh Rasheed.

Tipton: Probably Jasmin Walker.

Fordham: We all have different capabilities. So all of us, in different ways.

The G-A: If wasn’t running track I’d be ______

Felton: I don’t know… lazy.

Stegall: Playing basketball, point


Tipton: A regular student.

Fordham: I can’t imagine anything else right now.