You don’t have to drink to have a good time

Erinn Williams

Erinn Williams

Have you ever wondered if there were students who go to Georgia Southern but don’t actually drink?

Well, you have just found one. Yep, I am a member of the “weird” few who don’t drink and choose to go to, what many would consider to be, a party school.

I have many reasons for not drinking, the first and foremost one is because of my religious beliefs.

But I have others, like the fact that the thought of not knowing what I did the night before only to discover my face on GSUProblems is the type of stuff that my nightmares are made of.

Plus, I feel like I would either be that drunk girl in the corner, hysterically sobbing, giving way too much information about her love life or that angry drunk, which isn’t a good choice for a 5’3’’ girl with the fighting skills of a sloth.

I like to be in control and know exactly what I am doing. That doesn’t make me better than anyone else; that just means I have a preference.

And lets face it, it’s college. No one is sitting at an upscale bar sipping a dark merlot in an evening gown discussing liberal arts ideas.

People are not trying to socially drink; they are trying to get wasted, sloppily-staggering-home, waking-up-in-a-random-bed-and-being-so-hungover-they-can’t-move-the-next-day-without-vomiting wasted.

College has an accepted culture of binge drinking.

Don’t worry you guys. I’m not gonna go into a PSA about alcohol-related illness, drunken driving, etc. We all have to take health class, so you can get that info from there.

I really don’t care if you drink or not.

If you want to go to South City, Rudy’s or maybe even a house party where you try to get your inebriated friends to help you balance so you can do a keg stand be my guest.

College drinking is usually about going out and losing your inhibitions and just being free.

I’m just not about that life, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be.

So I will drink my mocktail, virgin strawberry daiquiri or my favorite, a Shirley Temple, and probably be the “lamest” person in the room.

But hey, everyone needs that one “lame” friend.

You need that friend who will walk you home from the bars or be the DD, put a trash can near you, make you breakfast for that hangover and in extreme cases be able to lucidly call 911 if you develop alcohol poisoning.

When everyone is “turnt up” you need that one person to turn down.