End of the semester evaluations of Lorne Wolfe

Jackie Gutknecht

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Summer 2013, Environmental Biology: Stop telling sexual jokes & ‘hitting on’ students during class. It makes me feel uncomfortable and could be perceived as sexual harassment. Do not force students show nipples in class it is not acceptable, even if they are athletes.

Spring 2013, Environmental Biology: Wolfe was very rude to me over e-mail. He called me selfish. I am not available to ro for him when he gives us extra credit. I am not selfish. I asked nicely for an alternative for what he gave us. Also, he didn’t have to bring his family problems/death into the email. I never said anything about them. I just wanted to know if I could have an alternative.

Spring 2013, Environmental Biology: And I don’t care to hear Bruce Springsteen ever again!!! I have a 4.0 and I absolutes struggled in this class to keep my C! He is not friendly at all and everyone is scared to death to even email him bc he just writes something smart back. His tests DO NOT relate to the lectures at all and the tests are complete bull crap and are pulled from nowhere! I’ve never had such a strong BAD opinion about a professor in my life. He constantly makes fun of students and is so disrespectful – he changed my once good opinion of the faculty of Georgia Southern! (He was in here while we did the evaluation too!)

Spring 2013, Research Methods: This class was a joke. I expected to learn a lot of important info related to my future career, but it was just a bunch of inappropriate stories. Appalled that he had the audacity to refer to special education students as “fucking retards”. How dare he! He shouldn’t be allowed to teach.

Fall 2012, Environmental Biology: The tests always had lots of random questions that came out of nowhere. Made lots of inappropriate jokes (and no I am not a freshman, I’m a junior).

Fall 2012, Evolution: While Dr. Wolfe’s familiarity with his students is a positive attribute, it is also somewhat intimidating knowing that once he knows your name he has no problem picking on you. It’s playful and entertaining, but definitely made me less likely to raise my hand or ask questions.

Spring 2012, Environmental Biology: Dr. Wolfe sexually harassed my friend through email, and public displayed my political views in class and proceeded to make fun of them. It was very hard to attend an 8 am class when I had absolutely no respect for the instructor. Her was very knowledgeable about the subject, but never stayed on topic and always ended up talking about Bruce Springsteen. I would encourage him to learn to be respectful to students.

Spring 2011, Environmental Biology: Tone down the swearing/crudeness a little. Some is cool, too much makes you look like a hormonal middle school guy. Also, I don’t really like science but even I started to which he talked more about science toward the end of the semester. (So kudos to you for getting me interested but stay more on topic next semester) Also try to keep your shirt on next time a student gives you a gift.

Spring 2011, Environmental Biology: He talked a lot about himself and much time was wasted on his egotistical personality.

Spring 2010, Environmental Biology: Stop bringing up policies. The is a biol class not a political science class. I know its college and professors are “progressive minded” but come on, it’s bio. Also, the sex jokes grow old quickly. Once a month is too many, let alone multiple times a day. Its fine every now and then but it really is inappropriate.

Spring 2010, Environmental Biology: I thought that most of the lectures were depressing and somehow told us we were gonna die soon.

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Summer 2013, Environmental Biology: I enjoyed the class because the professor was interested in the topic and passionate. He also made the class fun by showing videos and playing music. These broke up the class making it feel shorter than 2 hours long. It is great to see a professor who is passionate especially during the summer.

Spring 2013, Environmental Biology: Dr. Wolfe is amazing! Even if I think he has a man crush on Bruce Springsteen. Hahaha!!!!! The emails cracked me up every day. I’ve saved many just to go back and laugh when I need a smile.

Spring 2013, Environmental Biology: He probably has the best approach to teaching of all teachers I have ever had. He actually understands how we learn the best & caters to it. I wish I could have a class taught by him every semester.

Spring 2013, Research Methods: Dr. Wolf is a great professor that is very knowledgeable about the world of biology.

Fall 2012, Environmental Biology: I think him & this class was perfect he knows when to good off but also when to be serious. I really enjoyed the class.

Fall 2012, Evolution: I liked the classroom atmosphere Dr. Wolfe created. Everyone was encouraged to participate and engage. This was my favorite class this semester. Dr. Wolfe is an amazing professor and I hope to have a class with him again.

Spring 2012, Environmental Biology: Dr. Wolfe has definitely been one of my favorite teachers I have had at GSU. Everyone should take note from him to KEEP IT RELEVANT! If you are keeping us interested, then we will be in class. He’s wonderful-no complaints. I hope GSU can afford to keep him around. It would be a tragedy to lose him. It means a lot to have a professor that actually cares about his students and what they have to say.

Spring 2011, Environmental Biology: Wolfe goes beyond biology – he cares about his students in a way I have never seen from a teacher of 200 students. I truly enjoyed his class – it’s more than an environmental biology lecture.

Spring 2011, Environmental Biology: Dr. Wolfe is real. He doesn’t just teach but truly cares about his students. We didn’t just learn about biology or the environment but life.

Spring 2010, Environmental Biology: I thoroughly enjoyed coming to your class, you didn’t just lecture the whole time. You kept the class engaged through videos and stories and your enthusiasm and humor kept us awake! Keep doing what you’re doing.

Spring 2010, Environmental Biology: Very entertaining and upbeat when teaching. Music at 8 am wakes you up. He is universal, has really made me think to travel instead of having children.