Clements Crazies: The tenth man of college baseball

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Jared Murray

With a huge roar, the home crowd announces their presence on all traveling teams, urging the men of the Georgia Southern University baseball team further into what has been a successful season thus far.

The fans known as the Clements Crazies have become a force to be reckoned with and an imposing attribute, looming over the dugout of all away teams.

Anna Battistello, a freshman member of the swim team, added her own support to the Eagles by joining athletes from each sport to sing the baseball classic ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game.’

“They really seemed to get into their heads,” Battistello said. The Clements Crazies appear to psychologically overwhelm opponents who enter J.I. Clements Stadium providing criticism, scrutiny and upheaval within the opposing ranks.

The same mentality was to be followed in Tuesday’s match against Jacksonville University, where the pitcher, who they believed short in stature, was announced to the field with an anthem of ‘The Lollipop Guild.’

However, the Dolphins were not only greeted onto the field; they were also ushered off when when they failed at the plate by a narration of every “step, step, step” the player took off the field, only to follow chant with a booming command to “sit down!”

The Eagles have taken notice of the support from the Crazies, which senior Ben Morgan confirms. “They make every game go by so much better,” Morgan said.

With the Eagles’ defeat of the Dolphins by a wide margin of 13-5 on Tuesday, another win is added to the Eagles’ season, adding up to a healthy and impressive record of 21-9.

Though the high level of play of the 2014 Eagles is the main derivative in the success, they are both thankful and acknowledging of the role the Clements Crazies play at home, in Clements Stadium.