Students should take advantage of local theatre

Peyton Callanan

Each semester Georgia Southern University welcomes a wide variety of performances and shows to campus at both the Center for Art & Theatre and the Performing Arts Center. This allows students, faculty and community members to see well-produced shows at affordable prices without having to travel.

Last night the Georgia Southern theatre department debuted its production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in in the Center for Art & Theatre, which will continue to run until April 9. The department put their own spin on a well known classic by moving the setting to the modern day and collaborating with Georgia Southern’s multimedia film production program to add a film element to the show.

With tickets costing only $5 for students and $10 for staff and community, the Georgia Southern community should take advantage of the opportunity to see one of Shakespeare’s most well known works brought to life in a unique way for such an affordable price. Seeing a similar performance elsewhere could potentially be much more costly.

Seeing a performance at the Black Box Theatre located inside the Center for Arts & Theater also gives the Georgia Southern community the chance to witness the work of students in the GSU theatre department firsthand and give support the talented teams that work on the shows. The shows feature not only student actors, but also lighting, sound, and set design produced by students.