Blaqshion 2014 “The Seven Deadly Sinsâ€

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Meagan Greene

Among gravestones dwelling in a burial ground surrounded by a mist of fog the seven deadly sins will come out to play in a fashion show hosted by the Black Student Alliance (BSA).

Blaqshion is being performed this Sunday. The annual spring fashion show will commence at 6 p.m. in the Russell Union Ballroom.

Blaqshion 2014 is a production that brings together elements of fashion, modeling and music to showcase designers and models from Georgia Southern University.

James Johnson, senior business management major and vice president of BSA, said, “This year Blaqshion will be much more than just a fashion show because we are collaborating with Dyverzion and GSU Comedy Club to make this a major production any student can enjoy. We also have a few other surprises I can’t disclose at this moment.”

For this year’s show, the theme will be seven deadly sins and each outfit will exhibit the personality, color tones and characteristics of each sin.

Morgan Tatum, junior early childhood education major and newly appointed president of the Black Student Alliance, said, “We tried to stay away from it being too cliché and focus on the darker side of the sins, basically how each sin can take you over and corrupt you.”

The sins wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony will be embodied by models that are members of the BSA.

“All of the clothes were designed by fashion majors here at GSU. Various fundraisers around campus and the models’ dues funded the clothing thus making this show completely financed, designed, and put on by GSU students,” Johnson said.

The money that is collected for each ticket will go back to the organization to pay for fees to actually hold the show.

Every year this organization holds this fashion show, but the BSA has never done anything like this.