Audience at Millhouse missed out on talented singer

Jennifer Arthurs

Audience members at Millhouse were serenaded to by talented

singer/songwriter, Amy Taylor.

Taylor started the first of her set with upbeat covers from artists like Miranda Lambert-which seemed to be her favorite artist to play-, Little Big Town, and even oldies like John Denver.

Taylor performed a few of her own songs while also performing mash-ups and even her own rendition of a Johnny Cash song.

However, those songs were not enough to sway the attention of the crowd onto her performance.

Only a few songs that she performed such as ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ managed to capture the entire crowd’s attention, but not for long.

The audience members who were not listening or paying attention missed out on an entertaining performance that had an upbeat personality that communicated to the audience through her interactions and the songs she chose to play.

The main influence that really lost Taylor’s crowd was the change of tempo.

An hour into her set, Taylor took a break and allowed a fellow performer, Dylan McNair, to play for her 30-minute break.

His entire set consisted of slower tempo songs that really did not seem to work in harmony with the atmosphere of the crowd.

Even after Taylor returned, the tempo of the songs did not pick up until several minutes later but then quickly returned to the slower tempo.

“I’m gonna need them to stop playing slow songs,” audience member Kymberly Dorsey said.

She had been to several of Taylor’s performances and had heard her play that many slow tempo songs during a set.

Taylor had tried to gain the full attention of the crowd by including shout-outs to patrons she knew, toasts, and even told anecdotes before playing certain songs.

Only a few handful of people that really stayed focus on Taylor’s performance.

The volume of the crowd was overtaking the energy Taylor tried to build at the beginning of her performance.

The atmosphere during Taylor’s set slowly changed from a bar crowd setting to one a person would see at a coffee shop, too mellow and relaxed.

Though Taylor’s talent was evident in her performance, the energy of the songs were not what the crowd was looking for for entertainment that night.