Quartet to bring musical diversity to GSU

Erinn Williams

Four singers from four different continents will join together in musical harmony to perform for the Georgia Southern University community.

This Friday at 1 p.m. in the Russell Union Theater, the Singers of United Lands, S.O.U.L., will perform a vocal concert for GSU students, faculty, staff and Bulloch County schools.

Brought to the university through collaboration between the Center for International Studies and First-Year Experience, Singers of United Lands is a vocal quartet that not only performs high-quality music but shares cultural diversity.

Each year a new team of four singers who are from geographically diverse regions share their respective cultures through song with schools and communities throughout the United States, Africa, and Europe for six months.

Since 2004, 43 countries have been represented by S.O.U.L singers around the globe.

S.O.U.L. only performs songs that are native to their respective countries. They also bring interactive multicultural workshops, presentations, and performances aimed at all age groups.

“We have been hosting Singers of United Lands on campus since 2009. We love being able to have them on campus,” Angie Threatte, coordinator of International Programming & Events, said. “Each one of the students will perform individually in their native language and then as a group.”

The four professionally-trained young adult singers of S.O.U.L. are from four different countries:

Sonja Biscan, the only female of the group, is a soprano from Zagreb, Croatia, in Europe.

Andrew Egbuchiem is a countertenor from Lagos, Nigeria, in Africa.

Shih Hao Lai is a tenor from Hsinchu, Taiwan in Asia.

Gabriel Fernandez is a bass from Montevideo, Uruguay, in South America.

At the end of the performance S.O.U.L. will open the floor for a question and answer session.

Shekirah Rolle, sophomore International Studies major, said. “I think it is great that we are being provided the opportunity to learn about different cultures and I think that music is a great venue to do it through because music connects people around the world. It breaks social and cultural barriers.”

After this event, they will also be visiting Southeast Bulloch High School and working with students in their music department.

“The goal of bringing Singers of United Lands to campus is to bring diversity to Georgia Southern and the surrounding community as well,” Threatte, said.

This event is free to the public.