Flashing Lights shines on Blaqshion Fashion Show

Erika Richards

Last night the Black Student Alliance (B.S.A) presented to Georgia Southern a fashion show that will go down in history. The Russell Union Ballroom held a full audience of fans and supporters of GSU’s fashion organization, better known as Blaqshion.

Dyversion opened up the show with their amazing dancers who hyped the crowd for what was next to come.

“The craziest, yet most brilliant fashion show I, myself, has ever witnessed”, audience member, Kristi Walters, sophomore finance major, said.

The models walked fiercely down the runway in designs that incorporated the different immoralities of The Seven Deadly Sins.

During the late 6th century this list was established to portray the wicked passions of man. The sins are ranked according to how much they offends love: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth,Greed,Gluttony and Lust.

Niya Euwing’s collection, Pride, was based off of her perspective of one’s pride for America.

She said that we Americans are a prideful bunch, and have no problem showing how much we love our country.

Euwing’s designs combined an assortment of fabric that displayed a deconstructed form of the American Flag. Even with the use of such a generic symbol, her project was far from cliché’.

“Puppies, Puppies!” Designer, Victoria Barlow’s concept of Greed was based off of the character Cruella de Vil and her sick obsession with the fur of Dalmatian puppies.

Barlow drew inspiration from a scene in the movie when Cruella chased the Dalmatian puppies into a barn, fell in a pile of dung, got up- still determined to get the pups- and kept chasing the dogs. It was a perfect example of greed.

In her collection, she used animal prints and textures as the basis of her creation; another crowd pleaser.

Overall the fashion show was a success because of all the models, designers, coordinators, and volunteers.

Christyn Ward, sophomore mechanical engineering major and Blaqshion model said, “The fashion show went really well and was an overall good effort. There was great energy and the crowd was feeding off our vibes just as we were theirs.”