Wild battle of the wings

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Erinn Williams

When it comes down to the best wings in the ‘Boro Buffalo Wild Wings stole the crown last semester and has reigned unopposed. Will they be dethroned by a newcomer this year?

Last Friday, Wild Wing Cafe soared into Statesboro with its grand opening close to the Aspen Heights Apartment Complex.

Wild Wing Cafe is open from Monday to Wednesday from 11-12 a.m., Thursday to Saturday from 11-2 a.m., and Sunday from 11-12 a.m.

The wings come in 34 different sauces that are split into six different categories including traditional buffalo sauces on the sweet side, and on the seasoned side, sweet n’ spicy, bold fun flavors and bar-b-ques.

The medium buffalo wings were hot enough to spark your taste buds without numbing you from the real flavor of the meat. 4/5

The lemon pepper wings were savory and mellow. They were impeccably seasoned. 4/5

The service was great. All of the servers seem to be very intent on meeting all of the needs of their patrons. Drinks are filled without people even having to be asked and the servers are attentive and always asked if you “would like anything else?”

Their menu does not only feature wings, many other entrees are up for grabs like sandwiches, chicken fingers, ribs, shrimp skewers, soups and salads.

Wild Wing Cafe 4/5 overall

Open from Monday to Wednesday from 11-12 a.m., Thursday to Saturday from 11-2 a.m., and Sunday from 11-12 a.m.

The Wild Wing Cafe is very welcoming. It has a fun rustic atmosphere that is lively enough for college students yet quaint enough for a nice family dinner.

Wild Wing Cafe also has the “Wild Card Loyalty Club” which gives you a free appetizer when you sign-up. It offers one point for each dollar spent, wild gifts are given for each 500 points, and there are random surprise lottery perk prizes.

It has one big stage and two patios with the only rooftop patio in Statesboro and 28 TV’s to watch all of the sports magic.

Happy Hour Prices:

$2.50 wells

$2.50 domestics

$1 off any pint draft beer pitcher

$5 Special True Blue Shot (all the time, everyday)

Wing Prices

6 piece wings: $5.99

8 piece boneless wings: $6.99

Buffalo Wild Wings 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buffalo Wild Wings is open from Monday to Thursday from 11-1 a.m., Friday to Saturday from 11-2 a.m., and Sunday from 11-12 a.m. Buffalo Wild Wings has 16 different sauces and five different seasonings.They have promos including Wings Tuesdays and Boneless Thursdays.

Happy Hour Prices:

$3 domestic

$4 import

$5 drafts

Wing Prices:

Snack size wing (at least five): $5.99

Snack size boneless wings (at least seven): $7.99

The atmosphere is more student-oriented and rowdy.

no stages

64″ TVs

1 screened-in heated porch

It has desserts including cinnamon squares, cheesecake bites and dessert nachos.


Wild Wing Cafe may be new to town but they’re not quite a big enough contender for Buffalo Wild Wings and the GSU student community.