Business Innovation Group seeks to expand in downtown Statesboro

Mary Landon Montgomery

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern University’s Business Innovation Group (BIG), is requesting a two million dollar federal grant to expand in downtown Statesboro.

A building that once housed an antique store for decades could become a new center for conferences and office space for GS.

Dominique Halaby, the director of BIG, said that if successful, the expansion could turn Statesboro into a remarkable regional hub.

“This is an opportunity to bring attention to Statesboro,” said Halaby, “and an opportunity for us to help businesses grow and develop and stay in Statesboro.”

The BIG at the Parker College of Business is a group focused on providing students and community business skills and training. It also provides a professional atmosphere for small businesses to have a place to meet.

The BIG partners with the City of Statesboro and the Statesboro Downtown Development Authority to provide a place for entrepreneurs and small businesses to have access to office space. It also provides resources and meetings for entrepreneurs to grow.

Halaby says the addition of this type of space and the connectivity to the university could provide many jobs in downtown Statesboro.

“We have plans to expand our office space so we can create more jobs and create that next step for entrepreneurs to develop and grow,” said Halaby.

Mary Landon Montgomery, The George-Anne contributor,