Eagle Fest throws back to elementary school days

Jennifer Arthurs

Eagle Fest is ready to take you back in time to when your main worry was choosing between participating in tug-of-war first or the balloon toss and finals had not become a source of dread this Saturday from 12-4 p.m. at Eagle Courtyard.

The theme for this year’s Eagle Fest will be a throwback to field day, an event that occurred at the end of the school year in elementary schools, Aubrey Trevathan, director of marketing for Residence Hall Association, said. Different events students can participate in are tug-of-war, inflatables, a water slide, a live D.J. and even a water balloon toss.

“We are also having a hot wing contest. It’s going to be sponsored by Don Corleone’s and Buffalo Wild Wing’s. They’re both providing about 100 wings for students to taste,” Briana Daughtery, Residence Hall Association president, said. “Try one wing from one place, trying one wing from the other place. And we will have basically a winner from Eagle Fest for best tasting hot wings for the event.”

The tug-of-war event will be the biggest event for students to participate with prizes for the winners, Trevathan said. The tug-of-war will actually be a tournament between the residential halls leading up to a showdown.

One thing that is a throwback to childhood school days is students being able to sign t-shirts that the first 100 students will get for free or students can bring their own.

“I am really excited about the t-shirt signing,” Trevathan said. “I think it’s so cute, and I want all my friends from this year that I’ve met in the organization to sign it. It’s just something different. It’s almost like having a yearbook again.”

Students will be able to enjoy the end of the school year before finals begin with their friends and fellow classmates.

“It’s basically a day of events to celebrate the end of school and welcoming summer,” Daughtery said. “The perfect opportunity to just enjoy the nice weather and enjoy last minute things with friends and new classmates.”