Azalea lets fans down

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Charles Rudison

‘The New Class’ not a banger

Bottom Line: Azalea might have the ambition she needs to make it in the industry: however, her ambition means nothing if she’s not able to capitalize on it and formulate and reproduce the style she had in the past.

Rating: 4/10

Release date: April 22

In her latest album, Iggy Azalea proves that simply calling your record a classic does not make it a classic.

After an almost six-month delay, “The New Classic” was released yesterday. The Australian native has jumped from label to label and seems to have finally found a home with Def Jam records.

“The New Classic” features a unique sound that entails a mixture of pop, electronic, and rap music. Though her sound is unique, her content is overwhelmingly basic. She is doing nothing that no other female artist hasn’t done by repeatedly calling herself a “Bad Bitch.”

Azalea even went as far as to title one of her songs ‘Goddess.’ One main thing this album proves is that Azalea’s bark is much bigger than her bite.

If you are looking for an album that mainly focuses on material things and designer clothes, then “The New Classic” is just the album for you.

The album wasn’t as bad as it was a letdown, when Azalea first showed up on the scene in 2011 she seemed as though she was a force of creativity that brimmed with a positive future, but the fact of the matter is that her most popular song, ‘Work,’ was better than her new album altogether.

Azalea’s album leaves listeners wanting for more.

“I finished the album and the only thought on my mind was, ‘is this it?’ I thought it would be much better than it actually was. It definitely did not live up to all the hype. I feel like I waited all this time for nothing,” Emonty Jones, freshman pre-business major, said.

Her most successful song, and lead single of the album, ‘Fancy’ sums up the whole album. The video is better than the song and the best part of the song is the hook that Azalea didn’t even sing.

While production wasn’t sub-par it definitely wasn’t the greatest. The beats were weird (not in a good way) and almost all of her songs featured a frequency that gives listeners a headache.

The only positive that can be taken from this album is that Azalea has her own sound, but this is as far as the compliments go, “The New Classic” is not worth the wasted memory space on your iPod.