Dancing with the Stars

Erika Richards

GSU professors could have danced all night

GSU stars dances for students in need

By Erika Richards

The George-Anne staff

Last night, Georgia Southern University professors got down with their bad selves at the Dancing with the Stars event put on by GSU’s own Student Government Association.

The well-known and popular television show inspired event had crowd members antsy and excited for the show to start.

During the opening act, a student singer, Sitovea Williams boosted up the energy in the room and even got GSU’s President Brooks Keel, Ph. D. to shake a tail feather.

Students and professors graced the stage with great confidence when the spot light shinned down on them to perform.

Even though there was a lack of attendees, the audience’s liveliness and applaud filled the room with so much enjoyment.

Encouraging and funny tweets like, “Dean Greenstein has some moves” appeared on guest’s Twitter timeline and were read by the hosts during intermissions between each performance.

Euphoria Dance team blazed the stage, adding some flavor to the atmosphere while showing off their cool moves.

GSU’s Comedy Central was in the building as well cracking jokes and informing students to vote for SGA elects.

The main purpose that was stressed throughout the show was that the proceeds were going to the organization Eagles for Eagles, which raises money to help students in need to continue their studies at GSU.

Azell Francis, graduate assistant for Eagles for Eagles program and newly elected SGA president said, “It’s amazing that students here care so much about other students. Time and time again we have an amazing team of students who volunteer their time and energy into putting on great events such as this one to raise money for students in time of need.”

Audience member and East Georgia student, Breanna Bradley said, “I didn’t expect to see some great moves tonight. These performers were very impressive and it’s great to know that everyone here is helping out in some way.”