Your View April 8

Connor White

Joseph Cline, junior writing and linguistics major: “Well I certainly think it went down. I mean, it could have been any kind of instrumentality issue, or at least something to that effect. They just found that big oil slick, too, so that’s pretty solid evidence that that’s where the plane is. More than likely it was just an unfortunate natural occurrence.”

Tracey Lynch III, senior mechanical engineering major: “For me personally, I think that plane did in fact crash somewhere, and that it’s kind of like a cover-up, because it is hard to just lose a Boeing seven-fifty-seven. I think that people know where it is, but that info might cause a disturbance, for some reason. It’s just hard to believe a plane of that size disappeared like it did.”

Clark Jeffries, freshman business administration major: “I think it just crashed, and some people might have covered it up. The airline might have because it would hurt their brand. I don’t think it’s strange it’s taken this long, though. It’s a large area to search, without that many clues to go off of, but I think people maybe overestimate what technology can do. This isn’t Call of Duty, where you can bring a UAV with the D-pad. It’s a little more complicated.”

Yakov Savitskiy, sophomore multimedia communications major: “So I think that someone like the pilot or someone from the airline company was working to sabotage the flight. I think terrorism was involved, maybe even Al Qaeda. I think there will be a video in a few months revealing some people were taken as hostage, and they’ll use that to intimidate people. I don’t think it was a coincidence, and I sure as hell don’t think it just dropped out of the sky.”

Amanda Korponay, junior exercise science major: “I think that there was another plan in place. Smuggling drugs or something like that, and that’s why it changed course. The pilot could have been involved. Maybe there was something wrong with the plane, but I don’t think it’s landed anywhere. I think it just crashed into the ocean.”

Miee Patel, freshman finance major: “I think that it’s somewhere on land. I don’t know why, but there are just so many factors at play here. It’s just a big mystery. It changed its direction several times, so it feels like something’s being hidden. Maybe China was involved. They took the lead in the investigation. But maybe it’s just taking a long time to find it. I’m from that area, so I can say that those waters are pretty rough.”

Charisma Hunt, senior general studies: “I definitely think a conspiracy is involved. I don’t think a plane can just disappear, and no onehas a clue of where it is. With GPS and other technology we have today, it just doesn’t seem right. They can track cell phones, but they can’t track a giant airplane with over two hundred people on it? The big question is who’s behind all this. I just feel bad for the families, especially. These are loved ones, and they’re telling them they just up and disappeared.”